You may think that web design and art are the same thing.

You may think that web design and art are the same thing. Yes, a professional web designer can make your website look beautiful, but that’s only a part of the process.

The difference between art and design

While art is typically an evocative and creative expression, design is something else altogether.

Design is all about fulfilling a need. Achieving a goal. Meeting an objective.

To that end, a proper web design process will start by addressing these questions:

Therefore, if you seek out a web designer for the sole purpose of making your website look good aesthetically, you’re looking at it the wrong way. For this simple reason: just because your website looks nice, it doesn’t mean it’s a good website.

It’s all about user experience (UX)

To create a website that serves its purpose, a web designer should help you craft an experience for users. So that it’s as easy as possible for users to take the action you want them to.

In fact, some of the most visited websites in the world are very well designed in terms of UX. They determine a desired outcome and design accordingly, for example:

Even if your traffic isn’t as high as Facebook, you should still have the same UX principles, to drive action. For example:

Other UX considerations

A web designer should also help make browsing your website as frictionless as possible.

Where art and beauty comes in

Once your user experience has been designed, now your website can accommodate art. A web designer will help you determine colours, fonts, visual elements, photography, iconography, spacing, and so on. If you have an existing brand identity, your website will visually follow suit.

To take it one step further, your website can also have animations to liven up the page. Or embedded videos to better convey information. As long as it does not compromise the experience of your user.

In conclusion, web design will make the difference between a pretty decoration and a money-generating asset. So be sure your website is worth your investment.

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